unintelligible or distorted

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sisse nar

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This is from "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men" by David F. Wallace.

"'My father's proclivity for rage, especially [unintelligible or distorted] the Emergency Room for the umpteenth time, afraid of his own temper and proclivity for domestic violence, this built over a period of time, and eventually he resorted, after a period of time and periods of unsuccessful counseling, to the practice of handcuffing his own wrists behind his back whenever he lost his temper with any of us."

I don't get "[unintelligible or distorted]". Does it mean that the father is "ignorant or distorted" or does he "uncounciously' go to the Emergency Room?
  • e2efour

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    UK English
    When the author was listening to the tape of the interview, he couldn't hear one word or words. A phrase inside [...] is not part of the interview.

    At least that is how I see it!
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