uninterrupted or uninterruptedly?

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Hi guys, here is a sentence I saw just now:

By sneaking out, you're allowing others to continue their conversation uninterrupted.

Can I put "uninterruptedly" instead? Or either is ok? Is there any grammatical usage here?

Thank you so much.:)
  • Cenzontle

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    Take Copyright's advice.
    I suppose the "-ly" form would be grammatical, an adverb modifying "continue", but it sounds unusual.
    The adjective "uninterrupted" also is grammatical here, and more usual, but harder to explain.
    You could say it represents a clause such as "and they are uninterrupted".
    It is possible to have a difference of meaning:
    (1) He left the room happily = He was glad to leave the room; it was unpleasant for him to be there.
    (2) He left the room happy = At the time when he left the room, he was happy (satisfied that he had gotten what he came for, perhaps).
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