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Hi There!

I'm applying for a job and there are many questions to reply, one of them is about my personal characteristics, they are listed in order to point out ranking I give to any one. Uninvolved is one of those I couldn't understand.

What would be the meaning on Uninvolved in a job application ?:

Thanks to all that have made this forum exists :)
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    If I understand your question, you are telling us that the word 'Uninvolved' is on a list of personal characteristics, and you are being asked to list the characteristics in the order that they apply to you. You wonder what 'uninvolved' means in that context.

    I believe "uninvolved" would mean something like "tends to keep to oneself; tends not to make many friends or take part in many optional activities."


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    I, too, am trying to understand your question.

    Are you saying that you are presented with a list of issues and you have to state your involvement or lack thereof?

    For example:

    Global revolution - Involved or uninvolved?
    Dedication to family - involved or uninvolved?


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    I'd take it as meaning "dispassionate", but I think some clarification is needed from the people who supplied the questions.
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