Union makes difference

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    Ciao paolo.
    probably you can and I don't know why but my ear also suggests me an addition: the.
    Union makes the difference.
    But, as usual, wait for the natives.

    ps. Do you mean something different from L'unione fa la forza, don't you?

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    I have never heard "Union makes difference".

    "Union makes the difference" is grammatically correct, but I don't remember hearing it.

    Italian is not my forte, but I sense that paolop's expression means something like "Unity is strength". I could be wrong, though.


    "Unity is strength" (L'unità è forza) is better than "Union makes the difference".

    But I think "Union makes the difference" could be correct too and the sense it is the same.

    But the concept is slightly different.

    "Difference - Strenght"
    "Differenza - Forza"

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