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We will follow the guidance of the High Priest to conduct propagation with courage, based on the benefits and joy of chanting Daimoku. We are also determined to unite in one, with the oneness of priesthood and laity, to definitely accomplish the two objectives: that of the year 2021 and the establishment of a new temple.

Should it be unite as one instead of unite in one?

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    You can unite in one to mean to unite to form a single identity. It's one of the basic tenets of most variants of Christianity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit unite in one to form the Trinity. There seems to be a similar concept in the OP text, with priesthood and laity uniting in one body. Uniting as one has a slightly different meaning - it doesn't mean a complete union into a single body - rather, it means to unite as if the constituents were a single body.
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