Universal but never generic

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In a world of fleeting trends, Anderson proposes fashion that is resolutely for
today, yet designed to last. Culturally aware clothing that sets a new standard
for what luxury means in a reconfigured context. Universal but never generic.
Substantial yet easy. Simultaneously classic and very much of-the-moment.

What is meant please by "Universal but never generic" in this context?

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    Hello rositakay, I wouldn't argue with what sonorous says. Another interpretation: the clothing is universal (anyone can wear it) but never generic (it doesn't say what particular group or society or culture you are part of).

    This text has overtones of the kind of nonsense-speak that wine writers use. It is black, but white; old, but new. Just take two completely opposite epithets and use them both. You can't be wrong.

    I am delighted, but appalled.
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