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  1. Janearg Senior Member

    One of my students had to write a letter to his friend telling him which dates are best for him because his friend is coming to Argentina. He has written the following sentence:
    " For me, the best date is from August 1st to August 10th, because those are my university holidays and I will have a lot of free time to do lots of activities with you."
    Is it possible to say "university holidays" meaning winter holidays? Do you think the sentence is grammatically correct? Because somehow it doesn't sound well to me.
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  2. Alfaaz Senior Member

    Interesting question...I guess it depends on regions/location. In some places "winter holidays" is used, while others use "winter break", while others seem to use "school/college/university holidays or break".
    It sounds fine (as it doesn't seem like a formal letter), but I think it should be "the best dates are..." if the person is wanting to meet up for multiple days rather than just a single day. Also, the word order could be switched to "The best dates for me are...".
  3. lucas-sp Senior Member

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    Maybe a natural way to put it could be: "because I won't be in school then."
  4. natkretep

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    It will depend on the kind of English used by the addressee. 'School' to refer to university works for North American English, but not for many other English varieties. We often use vacation to refer to university holidays. I think I might say also say things like '(The university) term is not on then'.
  5. Parla Senior Member

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    The meaning seems perfectly clear to me: school isn't in session then. I think we'd say the best time would be between August 1st and 10th.
  6. Janearg Senior Member

    Thanks for the comments. But isn't it "I won't be AT school then?"
    Parla, is it worng to say "from.... to..."?

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