universo de estudio

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  1. Jasiale Senior Member

    Hola a todos,

    En estadística, ¿cómo se dice "universo de estudio"? ¿Universe of study?

    Thank you
  2. bobobaby Banned

    USA English
    Tal vez es "scope of study"".
  3. Jasiale Senior Member

    OK, gracias. Entonces: ¿scope of study=universe of study?
  4. cuatroojos Senior Member

    Argentina, Spanish

    I needed to look up "universo" myself, and from what I've found, the translation is literal: "universe of study." If you google it you'll see.

    Hope this is of use.

  5. rirep Member

    I know this is long after the question was posted, but I too was looking for the appropriate translation and I believe it is: study population.
    Hope this is of help.
  6. rirep Member

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