Unknown language: طولغه خانخان

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  • Derakhshan

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    Arabic, Persian
    طولغه خانخان Not Persian, looks like a Turkic language.

    Google tells me طولغه, or تولغه means 'helmet' in Ottoman Turkish, or 'crown of the head' in another Turkic language.


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    Arabic, PA and IA.
    Hello, I believe this is Arabic, but I could be wrong.
    Arabic letters, but definitely not Arabic. I can read it, but I have absolutely no idea what it says. You can transliterate it to Tolgha khankhan. The t is emphatic, the gh refer to a letter similar to the Parisian r.

    If you could tell us more about it (where you saw it, how old it is...etc.) then maybe we could narrow down the possible languages.


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    it is (definitely) not turkish. (but I cannot say anything whether very old turkish might contain some particularity of this expression)
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