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Hello. My girlfriends mom (she past away) was writing her diary in unknowl language and no one knows which language is this. Wondering does anyone recognize anything from here? It was writen from 1975 to 1979. I only attached couple of pages.

Here’s one pic


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    Looks like a personal secret script (definitely alphabetic). The language may be anything, but most likely it's the woman's native language. I suppose it won't be very difficult to decipher if a sufficient amount of texts is available.
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    Fair enough, I accept that it's not per se a 'Balkan language' [sic.].

    My point was that in everyday speech she spoke in, say, Serbian but encoded this (in a way we don't as yet know how) into her diary.

    Everybody speaks at least one 'normal' unencoded language.

    She would then have 'translated' that into the symbols we see in front of us. The characters are not e.g. Serbian, but the message behind them may well be.


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    Thank you for your response. My question is is there anyone who will be able to translate those symbols? 🤔