Unknown language: finna un havas


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I am trying to find out what language the phrases below are. I believe they are French or Latin. Also, I am trying to get a reasonably accurate translation. Any assistance would be appreciated.
"Atra ono finna un havas Mor'ranr"
"Eka edur ono eka wionata"
  • Hi! It's not French. If I were you, I'd post the thread in the Other Languages forum. Good luck!
    Any information on the background, context? Where did you see it?

    Very easy, I just googled with "Eka edur ono eka wionata", then with "Eka edur ono eka" which led me to plenty of Eragon links.

    I immediately noticed the names with the apostrosphe between two consonants similar to Mor'ranr which is a feature of that language.