Unknown language: il gostaria garaffa de agua


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I was wondering if anyone knew what this meant or even what language it is???? "chata valentines maiden, il gostaria garaffa de agua" I thought it might be Portuguese (on my primitive knowledge) but then I am pretty sure "il" is Italian. I was wondering if it is Latin, but then I know some of those words are not Latin. Any help is really good thanks :)
  • I also believe it's Portuguese. A search of each word in Google can give you the clue.
    It's not intelligible in Portuguese, although I recognize the words chata (flat, dull, boring, annoying), gostaria (would like), garrafa (bottle), and de água (of water).
    The sentence seems to be a hodgepodge of different languages, though, since valentines maiden is clearly English (or perhaps German), and il is either Italian or French. Someone fooling around with automatic translation, perhaps...?
    Perhaps one of the Iberian dialects? Where did you find this phrase? Maybe the context will help.
    My friend said her boyfriend wrote it to her or something. I think it might be Catalan or Basque. I don't know though, I'm not very familiar with any of those dialects.