Unknown language: larima sari ato


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don't know how you would spell it but what language is this from? I'm not a language expert by any means so i'm just describing it the best i can!
Not sure of the speakers ethnicity, could be indian or south american...hm, i'm not good with ethnicities either.

larima sari ato

sounds like...
larry muh sarry aa'tow - the comma is a change in pitch or stress on the first syllable which makes the word sound 'choppy'
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    Where did you hear it? Or was it a writing? If it was a writing, could you perhaps send us a picture of it? If someone told it to you, why can't you just ask the person again what he/she meant to say?

    If I pronounce it in a fast way, it reminds me of Japanese, although the 'l' is not a Japanese sound. Maybe you misheard it?

    Any context or further information would be helpful. :)