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Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by BrianL, May 16, 2006.

  1. BrianL New Member

    This is a 10-year old mystery to me about what lanuage the lyrics to Outkast- You May Die (Intro) are.

    The song is here (its just about the first 20 seconds I'm concerned with. Its just a lady speaking):


    I've googled it and it comes up with these lyrics:

    "Navem nu cuando sol
    Tutu nu vondo nos nu
    Vita em no continous non
    Nos nu ekta nos sepe ta amen"

    This is implying its a mix of spanish and latin. Its not.

    Now after listening to it closely... these are the lyrics I get:

    "Nadanu vondo sol.
    Tutunu vondo nos ??
    Vita ?? ?????????
    nos nud ?? ???? Amen"

    Just going by that first word.... its some kind of Sumerian/Babylonian language used thousands of years ago.

    In Sumerian, nadanu= "Give (To Pay)". So I Know that is definetly the right word... After that, though, things get complicated.... There are no "v"'s in the Sumerian language, so it isnt vondo.

    Keep in mind that the theme of the album is along the lines of aliens and babylon.

    So right now i'm at a loss... but maybe someone can listen to it and give me a proper translation?

    Thanks ALOT

    - Brian
  2. diegodbs

    diegodbs Senior Member

    It seems like Brazilian Portuguese or Portuguese spoken with a strange accent.
  3. BrianL New Member

    I dont think its Brazillian Portugeese... anyone have any other guesses? This is killing me lol
  4. diegodbs

    diegodbs Senior Member

    Well, the third sentence begins with "Vida", not "vita" and the end of that sentence seems "continuaçâo" with a wrong pronunciation.
  5. BrianL New Member

    So right now its:

    Nadanu (or Nada Nu) ??vondo?? sol
    Tutunu (or Tutu Nu) ??vondo nos?? ????
    Vida ?? ?? ?continuaçâo?
    ??nos?? ??nud?? ??? ?????? Amen
  6. daydream New Member

    English / UK
    Hi, take a look here: forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=23088 ;)
  7. BrianL New Member

    Ya I saw that.

    But he didnt post the song and he posted the wrong lyrics. Those are completely off. I dont know how anyone could think they say "cuando" in that first sentence.
  8. diegodbs

    diegodbs Senior Member

    The third sentence seems to say: Vida e uma continuaçâo.
  9. Vanda

    Vanda Moderesa de Beagá

    Belo Horizonte, BRASIL
    Português/ Brasil
    Brian, I've tried hard to find an explanation for this intro. At first I thought it could be some Brazilian indigenous language and the conclusion I came to is that it seems they don't want to say anything special. It looks like a prayer with no specific words, but a mixture of - as you've said - Spanish and Latin words, but again I say it looks like meaning nothing. I've even tried one of those "extraterrestrial" electronic translation to Pt and the result was hilarious.

    PS.: I have to make a correction. Now listening attentively to it I clearly understood these Portuguese words - the ???? goes to the ones I couldn't figure out yet.
    Nada novo ?? ??? sol
    Tudo novo ???? sol?
    a vida é uma continuação
    Nosso Senhor é ?? nossa vida. Amén.
  10. BrianL New Member

    Well, thats definetly the best explanation to date...

    But the only thing is, I dont understand why they would say a Portugeese prayer. I just think it resembles a language from a babylonian times.... It just would make alot more sense due to the whole theme of the album.

    Vanda, from the words that youve found in portugeese.. what does that translate to?
  11. Vanda

    Vanda Moderesa de Beagá

    Belo Horizonte, BRASIL
    Português/ Brasil
    I'll try with the words I heard. Anyway I'll ask for some "lending" ears from the people who live with me, later. Probably they can or will be able to fill the gaps I haven't yet.
    Nada novo ?? ??? sol - nothing new ??? sun
    Tudo novo ???? sol? - all new ???? sun
    a vida é uma continuação - life is a continuation
    Nosso Senhor é ?? nossa vida. Amén. - Our Lord is ??????
  12. GrahamK New Member

    Every couple years I look around for a translation of 'Outkast – You May Die' and cannot find one. I decided to take it upon myself to figure this one out. If you listen really carefully I think my written words are accurate. All of those words are Latin, but because Latin influenced so many other languages you may find references in Greek, Spanish, Sumerian, English, French, etc. I learned that some words, like Navem, have multiple meanings depending on the context, the accents, and suffix/prefix.
    So when I was trying to translate it took a while to discover it was all Latin.

    I don't have a background in Latin but online resources have come a long way since this track was released. Without further adieu, my translation:

    Navem-nu vando Sol
    Tutu no vando nos-nu
    Vita-um no continuus-cum
    Nos-nu ecto-nos a-vita

    I'm eagerly observing The Sun.
    God is floating, observing us.

    My life floats on, without interruption.
    We are outside ourselves, lifeless.

    Depending on interpretation, it could also be translated as this:

    I eagerly observe The Sun
    God is above, observing us
    My life now floats together with God
    We are outside our bodies, lifeless

    I spent quite a bit of time on this to get it as accurate as I could. Some of the words and sentances I paraphrased because literal translation doesn't always make sense. Here are my notes. You'll see the literal translation, then my interpretation. Remember words like "Us" can also be "We." Tutu was an Egyption God, but I refer to God in the general sense. "Nu" can be used simply to connect two words that would end in vowels, to make poetry flow more naturally. You get the idea! I hope this prayer is even more enjoyable for you!

    Navem - I am diligent (eager)
    Nu - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Movable_nu
    Navem-Nu - I'm diligently
    Vando - Observing
    Sol - Sun

    Navem-nu vando Sol
    I'm eagerly observing The Sun.

    Tutu - God (Egyptian)
    No - To swim, float, fly, sail.
    Vando - Observing
    Nos-Nu - Us

    Tutu no vando nos-nu
    God is floating, observing us.

    Vita - Life, Way of life
    EM=UM - Latin Suffix, singular
    Vita-Um - My Life
    No - to swim, float, fly, sail.
    Continuus - Continuous, uninterrupted, together, connection
    cum – (soft c, \sum\) with
    Continuus-cum - (with uninterruption) without interruption

    Vita-um no continuus-cum
    My life floats on, without interruption.

    Nos - We/Us
    Nos-Nu - We are
    Ecto - (prefix) Outside of (or around)
    Nos - Us
    Ecto-Nos - Outside ourselves.
    a-Vita - Without life.

    Nos-nu ecto-nos a-vita
    We are outside ourselves, lifeless.

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  13. Forero Senior Member

    Houston, Texas, USA
    USA English
    It must be Portuguese, but the accent is really strange, and the grammar seems more like English. It sounds to me something like:

    Nada novo fando sol Nothing new under the sun.
    Tudo novo fando nosso senhor Everything new from our Lord.
    Vida hai continuação Life goes on.
    Nosso senhor ..?.. nossa vida Our Lord ..?.. our life.

    Fam may be vem, and vem do "comes from", which makes sense too. No idea what hai would be.
  14. GrahamK New Member

    I had a very similar response from a friend when I posted this today! I'm awaiting response and verification from someone I know who speaks Portuguese natively.

    David P: Ah. The prayer is Portuguese, which is a bit annoying to transcribe phonetically. And the accent is unusual.

    Nada de novo vem do sol
    Tudo de novo vem do nosso senhor
    A vida é uma continuação
    O nosso senhor é que dá a nossa vida

    There is nothing new under the sun
    All that is new comes from our Lord
    Life is a progression
    It is our Lord who gives us life

    My translation. The first line is from Ecclesiastes 1:9. biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ecclesiastes%201:1-2:2&version=NRSVCE
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  15. mopc New Member

    Brazilian Portuguese
    Im a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese. The first verse actually translates as "nothing new comes from the Sun".
    It is undoubtably Portuguese, albeit with an accent that is closer to Portugal than Brazil.
  16. ecassell New Member

    English - USA
    Graham K has it right in what he posted in 2012.

    Nada de novo vem do sol
    Tudo de novo vem do nosso senhor
    A vida é uma continuação
    O nosso senhor é que dá a nossa vida, ámen

    About the accent, because it's not Brazilian, is thought to be from the Azores Islands.

    From http://genius.com/493096

    The album opens up with a Portuguese prayer best translated as:

    Nothing new comes from the Sun, all that is new comes from our lord, life is a continuation, it is our lord who gives life, amen.”

    This might be influence by the Bible passage Ecclesiastes 1:14 which reads:

    I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind."

    The accent sounds like it is from the Azores Islands.

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