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There is a strange old woman in the flat next door, she doesn't talk to anyone and I wondered if this is because she doesn't understand English. I know she isn't English speaking by birth but I don't know what language she speaks, the only thing I have to go on is that she has two cats called - I will transliterate into an aproxmated english pronunciation as I don't know the proper linguistic code - nayr (long softly rolled r) and meh-ram (short rolled r).
My friend said it sounded like a Turkic language.

Thank you!
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    Hello Annoluce,

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    "Nayr" can be "hayır" in Turkish which means "no", but the word "meh-ram" doesn't ring a bell. Also, calling a cat as "no" isn't very logical, I think. :) If you have a chance to learn a few words more, we can determine the language better. :)

    Hope, it helps.


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    Farsi, or one of the languages of India? It does not sound like Turkish.

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    nayr could be Arabic – more precisely [na:?ir], “shining, bright” ([:] denoting a long vowel and [?] a glottal stop) – but the word exists in number of other languages as a loanword.

    The other name mehram could be an Arabic form of haram, “illigitimate”.

    I suggest you ask the lady if one of her cats has a dubious provenance – or something like that...
    :) ;)
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