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My newborn cousin was named "Ninuska". No one knows what that means. Her mom says it's "doll" in Russian. So, does anyone know what "Ninuska" means?
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    Perhaps the correct Russian form of that name is Ninotchka. There was even a famous Greta-Garbo movie entitled Ninotschka. Whether the name means 'little doll' in Russian, I am not sure.

    Thank you, I think it means "little girl" at lest that's what google said >_<... is a pretty name, I like russian an german words, sounds very cool, but... once gain his mom is just crazy XD

    Thank you

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    The word could be a dinimutive of the relatively common name Nina. The nesting doll is matrioshka (sounds completely different).

    Typically -shka-, -chka- is a diminutive/endearing suffuix in Russian, like Spanish -ito-, -cito-. It can be attached to many words and proper names and make them sound "cute".

    Could Ninushka be a mix of "niňa" + "cuteness" suffix. It does sound cute to my Russian ear.:)


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    O yes. In Tagalog it is " Si Nene ka"( you are a girl). The possible nene si ikaw is related to Russian ninuska! I heard in Russian speaker Itosh( same) is very close to " Ito siya" of Tagalog.
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    When you say 'here', where is it? You reveal nothing in your presentation... Are you perhaps a Russian Jew living in Israel (just out of curiosity)?
    I meant Israel indeed. And although I am a descendent (partially) of Russian Jews, this name is ubiquitous in Israel for many decades. I suspect it was introduced by immigrants from Russia some 70-90 years ago - which leads to the question whether babushka (grannie) was the usual name in Russian for matrioshka doll in certain periods / places.