Unknown language: Rawurawu


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I am currently working on my master's dissertation about self-translation. The corpus I am using for this dissertation consists of one chapter in André Brink's novel: A Dry White Season (1979) (Afrikaans title: 'n Droë wit seisoen (1979)) (Dutch title: Een droog wit seizoen (1980)) The Story is set in South Africa.

However, in the corpus there are certain words of which I do not know the origin. Can anyone identify the word in the following sentence?

"You know what it’s like when you got a widow for a mother, your father is dead, your sister lines with the rawurawu, the gangsters, and your brother –“ He took a big gulp. “That bra of mine was a real tsotsi, man."

If anyone were able to tell me what language this is, and perhaps tell me what it means, I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance.
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