unknown language: roeri gulwa


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I am currently working on my master's dissertation about self-translation. The corpus I am using for this dissertation consists of one chapter in André Brink's novel: A Dry White Season (1979) (Afrikaans title: 'n Droë wit seisoen (1979)) (Dutch title: Een droog wit seizoen (1980)) The Story is set in South Africa.

However, in the corpus there are certain words of which I do not know the origin. Can anyone identify the word in the following sentence?

I wanted to do everything Shorty and his gang did. But then they caught him. Zap, one time.”
“What for?”
“You name it. The works, left, right and centre. Robbery. Assault. Rape. Even murder. He was a roeri gulwa, I tell you, lanie.”

If anyone were able to tell me what language this is, and perhaps tell me what it means, I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance.
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