Unknown language: si amour be droga me encantaria sia estino

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    Hi roxy_gurl,

    What language is it? Could you also tell us where you found it? Isn't it just Spanish misspelt?



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    This looks like misspelt Spanish.
    "Amour" is French for "love" (or "amor" in Spanish). I don't know the words be, sia and estino.


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    - si: Spanish "if"
    - amour is a French word: love
    - be: this is not Spanish
    - droga: Spanish "drug"
    - me encantaría: Spanish (I would like)
    - sia: this is not Spanish
    - estino: this is not Spanish

    It doesn't make sense at all in Spanish as a full sentence.


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    Cracker Jack said:
    This looks like a word cocktail or a sentence hybridization:

    si - Spanish
    amour - French
    be - English
    droga - Spanish
    me encantaría - Spanish
    sia - Italian
    estino - ???
    So, we have "If love is a drug, I'd like to ...". Thus, either the word "sia" or "estino" must be a verb. If "sia" really is an Italian verb meaning "be" (subjunctive), "estino" is to be an adjective. :)
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