Unknown language: Tan Terles Lolita

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    Español - España
    Where is she from?

    If she is Spanish woman it is that way:

    Lolita Tan Terles
    First name (/forename/given name): Lolita
    Primary last name: Tan
    Second last name (/mother’s maiden name): Terles

    (your primary last name = your father's primary last name)
    (your second last name = your mother’s primary last name)


    Español - España
    You're welcome :), but keep in mind that also is possible she is not from Spain, so perhaps it's Lolita/Tan Tender instead Lolita/Tan/Tender. I don't know.

    In a list is usuall that the given names come last (usually after a comma).

    "Lolita" is Spanish name (little Lola),
    but the other two, "Tan" and "Terles", I never heard here and they don't sound Spanish to me.
    But here are people how came from other countries, so it isn't impossible exist here a woman called that way (Lolita/Tan/Tender).

    "Terles" seems Australian surname Terles Significado del Apellido, Orígenes y Distribución