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    appears to be Japanese not chinese,
    What? The sword or the text?

    some parts of it seem like Arabic letters
    I think so.

    Its a Tachi mogito sword , i dont really know what specfiics you are asking for ?
    So, is it a katana, a tanto, a wakizashi ...?
    All of them are Japanese swords, so the text probably is Japanese.
    But, maybe old Japanese:
    ...tachi are known to have been made in the Kotō period, ranging from 900 to 1596.

    Tachi - Wikipedia


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    Told it is a Tachi not Katana or any other , I have since learned it is a japanese sword. Have not yet been able to determine age of item.
    Have now also had mentioned the script is buddhist possibly sanskrit if that helps narrow it down


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    Apparently in Japan they use three different kind of scripts. The Kanji, derived from Chinese ideographic script, and the Hiragana and Katakana, which are the native Japanese syllabic scripts.

    The script on the sword could be in Hiragana, which has sinuous shapes, while the Katakana is more squared and geometrical. Moreover the writing on the sword could be a little stylish and harder to decipher because it seems to be made to follow the shape of the blade.



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    I wish to thank those members for helpful comments & not the members for the sarcastic comments.
    Before posting crappy comments you need to know what you are talking about.
    The item is not as called a "Fake" its a Replica , there is a difference in those words & its certainly not alien haha.
    Any further positively constructed comments are welcome


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    Yes it is. But maybe it's a set of symbols -- I mean, not ''letters''?
    No not upset about it ,just disillusioned on forums when certain members post negative unsubstantiated crap.
    Yes i tend to agree that it could be symbols & not actual letters but what they stand for , if anything , could be just an artistic whim of nothing but i would like to know if they do or do not actually represent a meaning of some kind.
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