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Wanting to know what this says. Purchased at GoodWill to keep kitchen utensils in. There are no other markings or indications of where it came from originally. Posted in reddit and no ine was able to tell me what it says. Any help is much appreciated ! Thanks in advance !


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    As far as I can see, it does contain several recognizable Chinese characters. It might contain some text in Chinese, Korean or at least potentially Japanese (some other possibilities also exist, taking the historical usage of Chinese symbols into account), but given the pretty random positioning of some characters and apparently non-uniform calligraphy, the symbols well may be just decorative and not bearing any solid message.

    Probably you could get a more detailed answer from some people proficient in Chinese, Korean or (medieval) Japanese.


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    This is pretty late, but I can tell you that it probably isn't Chinese (while there are some somewhat recognizable characters, most of it is just scribbles, and the curved 'O' shape in the first picture is probably Japanese; and in traditional Chinese, while the characters are sometimes written in cursive, has easily recognizable "up-down-right-left" sentences) or Korean (modern Korean, at least. The original Korean script was based off of traditional Chinese).

    As Awwal12 said, it probably is just some decorative design.