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Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by occlith, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. occlith

    occlith Senior Member

    English - USA
  2. Learner19 New Member

    The 1st one is similar to the Cyrillic letter "Z": "З". But I don't think that it's Russian or something like that.
  3. LilianaB Banned

    US New York
    It is Chinese, I am pretty sure. Sorry, Learner. Don't you think it is Chinese written in an unusual way? Otherwise, it could really be the Cyrillic Z and the number sign.
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  4. yuechu Senior Member

    Canada, English
    It does not look like Chinese to me..
    I also think the second one looks like a number sign.
  5. 南島君 Senior Member

    Taipei, Taiwan
    Doesn't look like Chinese to me either.
  6. Demiurg

    Demiurg Senior Member

    The first letter could be a Tibetan "ཏ".
  7. yuechu Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Do you have a photo of the statue as well? It might give a clue about the sculptor's origins.
  8. occlith

    occlith Senior Member

    English - USA
    Thanks everyone for your replies. I took some new pictures that I hope will help.

    statuette 1

    statuette 2
  9. Lafelicitat

    Lafelicitat Member

    Oxford English
    Symbol one is difficult, the order of the strokes appears to be left to right, right to left, left to right, right to left. Hmmm...

    Symbol two looks like # or a poorly drawn 井

    三井 (Mitsui. Or at least an attempt to imitate this in its handwritten form without a good knowledge of Japanese?)

    I'm interested in what others have to say. What's the stroke order of ཏ in Tibetan? It looks as though it could be the opposite of what we're looking for.

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