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Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by rexmem, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. rexmem New Member

    Hey everyone,

    Can somebody tell me what language is the writing in the picture im attaching ?
    It looks a lil bit like the Elvish language from the Lord of the Rings

    Thank you
  2. Learner19 New Member

    I think a better picture will be helpful. This one is not so clear. I think it's a kind of Latin, in some unique font. :)
  3. إسكندراني

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    I would guess Armenian
  4. martinkunev New Member

    Looks like georgian to me but the picture is very blurry.
  5. Alex709 New Member

    I dont think its Georgian, though the first letter looks like. There are no apostrophes in Georgian.
  6. martinkunev New Member

    I just saw how Telugu looks and I think this could be it.
  7. gaaxure New Member

    Not Georgian for sure, it does look like older Georgian alphabet but there's no apostrophes or diaeresis in Georgian no matter the period of scripture.
  8. wundorlic New Member

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    I note that each glyph in the image is roughly identical to some other glyph when rotated 180 degrees. The mark of an artificial alphabet, perhaps?

    What's the provenance of the original image? Are you sure it's right-side up? Could it be a mirror image?

    Depending on the orientation, some of the letters do look Georgian: I can see an, tan, kan, on, gan -- but not all in the same orientation. (And how often does Georgian have three such short words consecutively? ;-)

    Tengwar (Tolkien's Elvish alphabet) has the same problems.

    Please tell us that you didn't get this sample from something like the Voynich manuscript ...
  9. gaaxure New Member

    Most def not Georgian, it's my native language. Only Georgian alphabet this could possibly be is Khutsuri(ხუცური) but again not a single letter of it is spelled with any part of it detached from the main body of character.
    Here you go both older versions of Georgian alphabet. http://s39.radikal.ru/i086/0906/a0/cbeb5dbf51e1.jpg
  10. patates_frites Senior Member

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    Could it be Burmese?
  11. patates_frites Senior Member

    Japanese, English - US
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