Unknown Scripture on the ring of "Lord of the ring"


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Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me something about this ring what kind of script it is. language or a translation if possible


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  • It is none of Tolkien's alphabets. Cirth, Sarati or Tengwar. If i could find out the alphabet it would narrow down my search but to this point I am unable to find its origin.

    closest thing I could find was some sort of arabic script...
    cherine said:
    I Found it !
    It's called Tengwar :)
    Here's an interesting page, scroll down to this page, it has some more links at the end, of which there's this one and this one.
    Enjoy ! :)
    You clever clever madame! héhé.. I thought I would "go on a mission" to find out what it was! :p - I did something like that with another member of this forum and it was fun!

    How did you find it out, if you don't mind me asking?