[unless she wore/were she not to wear] so much make-up


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Hi, everyone.

Following is from my English test.

.........she would look nicer.A.if she doesn't wear so much make-up
B.unless she wore so much make-up

C.were she not to wear so much make-up

D. if she wouldn't wear so much make-up

I go for B but I think C is also correct.
Could you help me out.

  • boozer

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    I don't go for B, I go for C.

    Although I see no reason why such a heavy structure has been used in a simple sentence like this one. :(


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    British English
    C is the only correct one, although it's a bit contrived. It would be more natural to say If she didn't wear so much make-up... and I'm surprised this isn't offered as an option.
    Although it means something like if...not, unless isn't used in these hypothetical statements. I'll clean the car unless John's cleaned it already. We can go the the theatre unless you want to go to the cinema.
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