unless they had clarity

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The quotation comes from [难点注释] [中英对照] BBC World News 2016-08-05 附文本 - 2016年8月 - BBC World News - 爱思英语学习网 - 24EN.COM

Quotation: Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said accusations were being made anonymously through letters and blogs. The President of Saint Patrick's college Monk senior Hill Cornally acknowledged that the anonymous corresponds was difficult, but he said the college had no concrete details of sexual misconduct. All trainee priests at Maynooth are expected to live in celibacy and preparation for life in the priesthood. Mt. Senior Cornally said that principle was nonnegotiable, but the college authorities could not act unless they had clarity.
Hi everyone! I don't quite understand the bold part. Does it mean "unless the authorities knew exact details about the alleged sexual misconduct"?
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