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Pitcher: Who’s up at bat first?
Batter: #13 is. Don’t worry, man, you’ve got it in the bag. His swings were lookin’ pretty shabby in the last inning.
Pitcher: Hahah! Yeah, in a sense, they were, huh? Actually, I was feeling sorry for the unlucky Sucker because he’s going to be the first in a series of ’em to be STRUCK OUT!
Batter: Yeah, Baby!!! I don’t think the Suckers can stand the heat! After this game, the Wingers will be going down in history books.
This is a conversation between two baseball players. Who is 'the unlucky Sucker', 'he', and '(th)em'? And 'the Suckers' refers to the team, right?
  • Trisia

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    My guess:

    the unlucky sucker (why is it capitalised? It's not a name) = number 13
    he = the same person
    [th]em = all the other losers that will have the same fate as number 13
    the suckers = yes, the team (a derogatory name, not their real one :p)


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    USA English
    unlucky sucker = No. 13
    he = No. 13
    (th)em = subsequent batters on the same team as No. 13
    Suckers = the name of No. 13's team. (And what a charming name it is.)
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