Unmarried/unregistered husband

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Hello to everyone!
Which of the listed has sound better?

Unmarried husband of Zhanna
Unregistered husband of Zhanna

The idea that Zhanna has unmarried husband without the wedding.
In Russian we use "unregistered husband," but I don't know how to say it in English.
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    Are you referring to a live-in boyfriend? A man living with Zhanna like a husband would but who's not married to her?

    If so, I can understand "unregistered husband" but I wouldn't use "unmarried husband" - the two words contradict each other.

    Edit: Here's an earlier thread. live-in boyfriend
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    Other terms used are de facto husband and common law husband, but these days he would normally be called her partner, which is vaguer, as it includes people who live together and also people who don't.


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    You could use Zhanna's partner, although nowadays you can have registered partners.

    Older (possibly old-fashioned) terms include cohabitant and cohabitee.
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