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Anyone have a definition for "unnuanced"? I've only been able to find a definition for nuance which means a subtle distinction, quality, or nicety. So unnuanced would mean a not-so-subtle distinction or quality?

context: "Of course, all these labels and terms are quite unnuanced as I use them here, but the general truth or what I am pointing to is, I think, widely held."

Thanks in advance.
  • To me, "unnuanced" means that the writer is using them as very general terms, treating them as if they are very similar and ignoring the subtle differences. It is probably used to underscore that the writer has been speaking in very general terms, choosing to avoid getting into much detail, and generalizing rather than explaining or addressing with distinctions.
    Nuanced is in the Oxford English Dictionary. Unnuanced isn't, but I wouldn't have any qualms about using it anyway, because the meaning is clear, and un- is a very productive prefix. As Mae suggests, unnuanced means here lacking in any subtle distinction, quality, or nicety.

    I would be more worried about whether a general truth can be widely held: are truths not believed, rather than held?