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    Can anybody help with "uno per l'altro" in this context?:
    "Salvo quanto convenuto nel seguito del presente contratto, il corrispettivo fisso compensa forfetariamente, uno per l'altro, tutte le attivita' e i servizi resi dal consulente"

    I have simply translated it as "each":
    "Unless otherwise agreed later in this contract, the fixed fee shall be paid as a flat fee compensating each of the activities and services provided by the consultant"
    Should it be something like "each in turn"? Or maybe something else completely that I haven't understood?!
  2. White Goat

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    I must admit that I'm not an expert at legalese and I may be wrong but I understand the sentence exactly in the way you have translated it. There's a sort of ambiguity in how the sentence is worded in italian (or maybe it's because I'm not accustomed to this language) but I think that the general meaning is: , the retainer fee is meant to be paid as a lump sum that covers each payment (fee and refund of expense etc) for the services granted by the consultant.

    but please, since I may be wrong, wait for other contributions too :)
  3. King Crimson

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    Agree with WG. "Uno per l'altro" seems to be just a duplication of "forfetariamente" ("flat fee", as you said, or "lump sum").
    Incidentally, I thought "uno per l'altro" was only used in an informal register, but I now see it's being used in contracts too.
  4. cfareddollas Senior Member

    English (uk)
    Thank you both, that's really helpful! :)

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