Unos nacen con estrellas y otros nacen estrellados

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  1. justduckygal New Member

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    Unos nacen con estrellas y otros nacen estrellados.
    What does this mean in english?
  2. ixoxe

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    Unos nacen estrellas y otros nacen estrellados.
    Es como decir: someone borns star and other are unlucky (entiendes?)
    Correct my english, will you?
  3. TBowers80

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    Some are born stars, others are born unlucky
  4. Javier-Vega Senior Member

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    "Nacer con estrella" (To be born with a star) is not the same as "Nacer estrella" (to be born star). It means that "you were born lucky" (somehow the star is supposed to look for you, or something like that).

    "Nacer estrellado" would be the opposite. "Estrellarse" can mean to "crash". So somebody that "nace estrellado" is probably someone with not such a good luck. It´s a play with words.
  5. dcgb7f21 Member

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    USA - English & Español (Mex)
  6. Javier-Vega Senior Member

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    Thanks for the correction.
  7. sergio11 Senior Member

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    Spanish (lunfardo)
    "Nacer con estrella" means to be born lucky. One of the meanings of "estrella" is fate or destiny, from astrology. "Tener estrella" means to be lucky and to have acceptance by people. People having "estrella" are said to be born under a good or lucky star. There is an equivalent expression in English: "born under a lucky star", which means exactly the same thing.

    "Nacer estrellado" means exactly the opposite: to be born with a habitual and incurable bad luck; to have bad luck no matter what. It comes from the verb "estrellar", which means to throw something violently against something else breaking it in pieces, or used reflexively, to clash with something, or to crash against something, to end up severely injured or dead by crashing against a hard surface, or to fail miserably at some task or project by coming against an unsurmountable obstacle.

    So, "con estrella" has the astrological innuendo, but "estrellado" does not. By bringing them together, there is some sort of play on words that sound similar but don't mean the same thing except by implication. "Con estrella" means lucky, and "estrellado" does not mean exactly unlucky, but it implies it by its final result, meaning that if you failed at everything you did, or crashed against something and died or got injured, it was because you were unlucky.

    Going back to your question, "unos nacen con estrellas y otros nacen estrellados" means that some are born lucky, or under a lucky star, and others are born with such a terrible bad luck, as if they had already failed or died or gotten injured even before attempting anything; as if their ill fate was already written on their foreheads at birth.

    P. S. : I noticed that in the time it took me to write this, Javier-Vega had already answered very accurately and in a more concise way. Well, now you have a confirmation by two people that said the same thing.

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