unparalleled biodiversity


English - California
Hello, I need help translating the following mission statement of an eco-lodge into Spanish!!

  • To offer a high level of service that will surpass our guests` expectations; unparalleled biodiversity not found anywhere else on the planet; an educational, cultural experience that benefits both our guests and our community.
so far, I have:

Ofrecer un nivel muy alto de servicio que supera las expectativas de nuestros huespedes; biodiversidad incomparable y unico en este mundo (?); una experiencia cultural educativa que beneficia a nuestros huespedes ademas de nuestra comunidad.

Is there a better way to say "...biodiversity not found anywhere else on the planet"?
Any suggestions for the rest of the statement?

Thank you!

  • Biodiversidad única e incomparable en el planeta

    I would also suggest

    Biodiversidad sin parangón