unpunctual or impunctual?

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  1. coquita Senior Member

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    Is it unpunctual, impunctual or both?

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  2. JLanguage Senior Member

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    USA: American English, Learning Hebrew and Spanish
    Both are acceptable, but unpunctual is far more common.
  3. daniel2006 New Member

    United States of America
    No, "unpunctual" is the correct adjective.
  4. ctos

    ctos Senior Member

    Aunque es correcto suena raro, "unpunctual". (De hecho, los primeros resultados en Google son definiciones o chistes/escritos extraños.) Recomiendo "less than punctual" o "far from punctual" o "not punctual" por usos sociales y cotidianos y hasta por traducciones. Claro, sin conocer el contexto pues no puedo sugerir con precisión...
  5. GenJen54

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    I agree with JLanguage on both counts, but would also contend that neither one is really used regularly in everyday speech. Most people - at least in AE - would say "late." Teachers tend to use "tardy."
  6. elroy

    elroy Motley mod

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    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    Neither is something I'd imagine myself saying. If anything, I'd say "not punctual."
  7. nmuscatine Senior Member

    English, USA
    I agree with elroy, I would say "not punctual" and I don't think that I have ever said "impunctual" or "unpunctual" in my life. (I'm a native AE speaker.)
  8. Jannet Senior Member

  9. mejillon Member

    English - London
    "impunctual" is very common in Britain. I had never come across "unpuctual" until now

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