unravel/subvert economical sanctions


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Iran is trying to unravel/subvert economical sanctions it came across for years by providing new economic opportunities to Western countries.

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I want to ask you which word fits better in this sentence? (in the meaninig 'destroy economic sanctions')
Thanks in advance.
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    It is a bit difficult to give you an accurate answer because "came across" seems like a very odd verb for this sentence. If you really mean to say "destroy economic sanctions," then "destroy" is probably a better word than either "unravel" or "subvert," but if you can explain what it is you are trying to say, we can give you better advice.

    And it's definitely "economic sanctions" and not "economical sanctions," which means something very different.


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    Thank you Florentia. Actually, I think you are right. It will be better to use "destroy economic sanctions" in the sentence. I just thought "unravel" and "subvert'' may have a similar meaning like 'destroy' verb. Of course, I looked up their meanings in Oxford Learners Dictionary.
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