"unsling guitars"

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Russian, Spanish
Does "Unsling" mean to "take off the straps" of a guitar?

"You'll hear our song one day, you Charlies,
But we don't unsling guitars
For anyone who parleys
Unless it's with the stars."

Roy Campbell: "Procession to the Sun".
  • tecumseh

    English - Australian
    This is just my opinion, but I think it means take your guitar off your horse, or out of its case, ready to play. Not remove the neck strap.

    In other words, they will not play music with anyone who doesn't parley with the stars.

    Nice lyrics!


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    USA - English
    When not being played, a guitar is commonly carried slung across the shoulders. I would take this to mean "We will not take our guitars off our backs and put them in a position to be played for just anyone."
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