Unstressed Form?!

Reza Kabiri

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Hello there.
I would like to know what we mean by saying Unstressed forms of be,will,would,have.
My emphasis is on Unstressed Form.
  • entangledbank

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    English - South-East England
    Well, it could mean two things. We stress main words in a sentence, but we don't normally stress little grammatical words like those. Some words have a form with a reduced (neutral) vowel: 'would' could be [wəd] instead of [wʊd], and 'have' could be [həv] instead of [hæv]. In this sense, 'be' does not have an unstressed form.

    That makes me think you mean the contracted forms of these verbs. 'Be' does not itself have a contracted form, but its person-forms 'am', 'are' and 'is' do. The unstressed form is where the vowel is changed; the contracted form is where the vowel is deleted (together with the consonant in front of it). So instead of I am we usually say I'm. You are becomes you're, you will becomes you'll, you would becomes you'd, and you have becomes you've.
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