unusually welcoming for its era to misfits


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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Pluralism doesn’t just happen because diverse people are thrown together. Like other communities in America in this period, these local leaders had their blind spots—Jews could be welcomed or at least tolerated, but African Americans were a bridge too far for many back then; and some came along slower than others, but in time they built a community that became unusually welcoming for its era to misfits, different ideas, and different people with funny accents.

What is the meaning of misfits in "unusually welcoming for its era to misfits"? Is it unusual things/ideas or people?

Thank you.
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    I understand the phrase to refer primarily to people, Michael. It is certainly possible to label an unusual idea as a "misfit", but that isn't a common use of the word.


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    Considering the time/period that community existed in, it was unusually welcoming to people who were different/who didn't really fit in with the majority of people in that community.
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