Unutuşum vs Unutuşun

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  1. strayed New Member

    I am wondering if I am translating these two words correctly as I find the iş suffix confusing.

    I had translated Unutuşum as "your forgetting me", but when I reached the word Unutuşun which changed to the imperative I was lost -- would it be your forgetting without the me? or am i wrong in my translation of the first? I would appreciate any help offered. The two sentences in which these words sit are:

    Unutuşum başka bir sendi

    Unutuşun beyaz romansıyla ölüyordum

    Thank you!
  2. ancalimon Senior Member

    unutuşum : me forgetting (my act of forgetting)
    unutuşun : you forgetting (your act of forgetting)
    unutuşu : him-her-it forgetting (his-her-its act of forgetting)
    unutuşumuz : us forgetting (our act of forgetting)
    unutuşunuz: you (plural) forgetting (your act of forgetting)
    unutuşları: them forgetting (their act of forgetting

    Actually unutuşum and unutuşun are used in different forms in the examples.

    unutuşum başka bir sendi : Me forgetting you was another you.

    unutuşun beyaz romansıyla ölüyordum : With-Through the white romance of forgetting, I was dying.

    Still, wait for confirmation since I might be wrong. :)
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  3. strayed New Member

    Thank you, Ancalimon! I think you are right, because, in context, it makes more sense that "the you I am forgetting was another you" than what I had originally seen it as.

    I had noticed the m in conjugation of the verb was always the I, and the n was the you and thought that I might be wrong. Turkish is such a mercurial (and gorgeous!) language....
  4. ancalimon Senior Member

    Actually when I think about it, we are not aware of what he is forgetting. It might be her but he doesn't make it clear.

    unuttuğum sen başka bir sendi : "the you I forgot was another you" (the thing he is talking about is the girl that he forgot)

    seni unutuşum başka bir sendi : "me forgetting you was another you" (the thing he is talking about his act of forgetting >her<)

    unutuşum başka bir sendi : "me forgetting, was another you" (the thing he is talking about is >his act of forgetting<)

    I agree :) The downside is that there are times we do not understand what people mean in reality. We live our lives in uncertainty.
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  5. strayed New Member

    Well, its a poem so... ambiguity can be a positive thing. :)

    I think in the context of the poem, what is meant is *both* your first and second suggestion, if that makes sense. I struggle with the limitations in English of exposing these dualities...

    Thank you so much for your help in dissection!

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