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Hi, everybody! Could you please help me with a difficult phrase from the film Globe Trekker_(Ep2). Here is the phrase:

During the summer, Bodrum is invaded by Brits from the packaged tourist crowds to the up market yacht sets, who come in search of sunshine, fast food and the loudest disco in the Med.

While narrator says these words the camera shows tourists trudging through the passages in the market, then yachts mooring.

Does "up market yacht sets" has something to do with the yacht trade (I mean a place where one can buy oneself a yacht)?
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    I would have thought that "up market yacht sets" refers to the people that are tourists in that area. That they are relatively rich and either have a yacht or practise yachting. I wouldn't be a place where one may buy a yacht (normally a boatyard), or somewhere one could buy supplies and tackle (a ships' chandler).

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    Hello Alexander
    'Up-market' means expensive - for example, "There's lots of up-market housing in this area". Here, it is describing yachts, so it means privately owned luxury yachts, with a crew and staff, which only very rich people can afford, not nice family type yachts with sails. Here, a 'set' means a group of people with something in common, in this case, money: rich people and their friends.
    Another common use of 'set' is in the phrase "the jet-set". Or, a parent might say "I'm worried my child has got in with the bad set at school".

    The writer is comparing the 'lower' and 'upper' ends of the British tourist crowd, in terms of wealth. The package tour concept with everything included has brought holidays abroad in exotic places within the reach of people who are far from wealthy. Package tour holidays abroad can be cheaper than holidays at home in the UK.



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    Thank you, Hermoine. Your comment gives me just I wanted to learn but hesitated to ask about. Merry Christmas to you and happy New year!
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