up round Cape Cod way


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Dear all,
this from the sketch 'As the Spirit Moves' (chapter 'HENRY G. TAKES TO VERSE') by Dorothy Parker. Henry G. Thompson is a spirit Mrs. Both got aquainted with with the help of ouija board.

Henry G. Thompson, his name is, and he used to live a long time ago, up round Cape Cod way, when he was undeniably a good fellow when he had it.

1. I think there is some road leading to Cape Cod. Henry G. Thompson used to live somewhere near this road.
2. When he had it means when he was alive.

Is this correct?
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    Well, from a person invoked from a Ouija board, who knows. :)

    For 1), for me, it's a spirit of someone actually on Cape Cod, and not "somewhere near". It's quite a large peninsula. Just my opinion.
    Either way, it's not a road called "Cape Cod Way".
    Cape Cod is in Massachusetts, USA, if you want to map it. Provincetown is the "mecca". ;)

    For 2), I agree with GG. Unusual. I think the spirit though is talking about when he was alive (through the Ouija board).
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