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Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by jason85, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. jason85 New Member

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    How would you say "up to you" for example when someone says "Do you want to meet tomorrow?" you may say "up to you" (but I would like a general one for all contexts if possible)
  2. linguist786 Senior Member

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    كما تريد
    kamaa turiid

    ..is what I would say.
  3. Abu Bishr Senior Member

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    In addition to what Linguist786 said, I would say:

    MSA: الأمر (يعود) إليك [al-amru (ya'uudu) ilayk] meaning, "the matter returns to you".

    Colloquial: على كيفك ('alaa kayfak / kayfek), or مثلما بداك (mitlmaa biddaak) for a male or مثلما بديك (mitlmaa biddek) for a female.

    Obviously, I expect lots of corrections for the Colloquial as I'm not a native speaker. So let's wait and see.
  4. elroy

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    Note that the feminine form of this is كما تريدين (kamaa turiidiin[a]).
    I would prefer هذا يعود إليك. Either way, I would not omit يعود.
    A few corrections (based on my dialect). Good job!

    Another possibility in Palestinian Arabic is زي ما بدك (zay ma biddak/biddek).

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