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Calling all music fans!

I was wondering how to say "upbeat" in French as I have started giving flute lessons in the city I live in in France and I'm trying to give my student the right term.

It refers to the unaccented beat or beats that occur before the first beat of a bar. For example, if a tune is in 4/4, you might have 3 beats in the final bar of the piece and 1 beat in the very first bar in the piece (together they make up the 4/4 so actually form 1 bar). The one note in the first bar, the 4th beat, is the "upbeat". It's also called the "pickup note" or "anacrusis". Does anyone know how to say this in French?

I would really appreciate any help!!
Thanks in advance.
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    Le CNRTL ne donne pas ce sens pour levée, et je ne l'ai pas entendu dans ce sens. Un levé peut avoir ce sens, mais c'est anacrouse que j'ai appris pour cette partie de mesure qui précède la première mesure entière d'un morceau (et qui pose un problème au chef de choeur pour donner le départ d'un chant).