upright orientation (pooled data)


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Hi there,

I really hope there's someone who can help me out with this, I will be forever thankful as I need to deliver this today.

I'm working on a document that is comparing the shelf life of some medications from different manufacturers. At some point I ran into this paragraph:

Stability data for lots show no significant changes at the long-term or accelerated storage conditions of storage in either upright or inverted orientations.

So far I thought I had understood but then I found this other paragraph:

Linear regression with 95% confidence intervals of fit to stability data; pooled upright and inverted data.

That's when I came in confusion, I'm not sure if this is simply speaking about the way the vials are placed in the depot or if this refers to a specific way to perform the statistical analysis. The rest are just tables, upright data and inverted data appear in every table, but there's no more context. I would like to have a peer-confirmation about this as I'm struggling between "orientación vertical/orientación invertida", (or "datos de la orientación vertical/datos de la orientación invertida") and "datos ordenados/datos invertidos". Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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