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    Anyone has suggestions for:

    upright piano



    El grand piano es el piano de cola y el upright piano es el piano que no tiene cola, al que simplemente llamamos piano vertical. :)

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    Piano vertical may be most appropriate for an upright, but in AE there are at least three kinds of piano in addition to the baby grand, grand, and concert grand. These are
    the spinet, with the smallest sounding board, and the larger consoles and uprights.

    I'll see if I can locate Spanish terms that distinguish among them.


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    Bueno, para empezar, lo pongo en inglés:

    VERTICAL A piano in which the strings and soundboard are vertical as opposed to grand pianos where the strings run horizontally.

    SPINET PIANO 35" TO 40" tall, spinets are the shortest style of piano made today. To achieve the low height, compromises in design are necessary which impair their tone and touch. For these reasons, spinets have mostly fallen out of favor with the public, however they are still being made by a few manufacturers. Spinets feature the "drop action", not a favorite among technicians.
    CONSOLE PIANO Consoles are usually 40" to 43" tall, and generally the choice for home use. Varied cabinet styles and finishes allow the buyer leeway in matching the room decor.
    STUDIO PIANO Being 43" to 47" high, the studio benefits from a larger soundboard and longer strings, which usually result in a better tone. Cabinet styles have simpler lines, in keeping with school, church or institution traditions. These usually cost more than a console or spinet, but are often well worth the difference.
    Uprights are 48" to 60" tall, and passed their heyday around 1925. They have always been popular because of their depth and richness of tone. They are still made today, and while somewhat expensive, most are excellent instruments.


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    De un anuncio comercial para pianos verticales:

    en pianos tipo espineta, 14.500.00 pianos tipo consola 16.500.00 pianos tipo estudio
    Dentro de los pianos verticales nos encontramos con muebles de distintos tamaños. De aquí que pueda hablarsede distintos modelos genéricos de Pianos verticales.

    Estos se pueden resumir en los siguientes cuatro grupos:

    Vertical grande o antiguo (mal llamado "de concierto"), de más de 140 cm de altura.
    Vertical de estudio. De 110 a 139 cm de altura.
    Vertical Consola. De 98 a 109 cm de altura.
    Vertical Espineta. Menores de 98 cm de altura.



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    Hi there! Busco traducciones en español por estas palabras:

    upright piano

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    Piano vertical o de pared

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