upscale - to upscale a project, an upscaled project


Spanish, Castilian
Hi everybody,
in international development terminology it is frequent to read about projects, solutions or ideas that are upscaled, meaning that they are taken from a pilot phase with a restricted number of beneficiaries to a much larger number of people. Even if I have worked at the international development sector in Spanish, I can't find a proper translation for the word. Could anyone help me?
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    American English
    There are perfectly good words in English to use instead of inventing jargon like this backformed verb 'to upscale', but I suppose all jargon serves a purpose.

    To translate it, I would use agrandar or expander, or any of their synonyms.


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    Chilean Spanish and US English
    Hi all, I would like to hear your thoughts about the use of the word "escalar" in this context. I am translating a document regarding construction projects, it starts with a pilot project and then talks about upscaling the project to build more and larger projects based on the pilot. In Chile we use "escalar un proyecto" but I'm not sure if this applies in other Spanish speaking countries? Thanks for your help.


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    Sí, escalar, escalamiento y escalabilidad parecen de uso común en este contexto.

    Es común pensar que si incrementamos el número de usuarios en nuestro proyecto social estamos escalándolo, sin embargo, si se sacrifica la eficiencia y se inflan los costos, solo se está incrementando el alcance, pero no representa una estrategia de escalamiento. Un ejemplo de escalabilidad sería utilizar un canal de distribución existente para aumentar el número de usuarios, sin que exista un aumento en el costo unitario.