Upset (vs. Distressed / Annoyed ) [His expulsion from his job (?) him]


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Persian (Farsi)
I doubt in using these
three words correctly! I wonder if you help me to use the most appropriate one
in the blank: (My taking from every word has been written inside of the
parentheses and this is why I have used the following bold words for each

His expulsion from his job....him (I want to say “made him unhappy”)
---> My sugggestion: upset

In my dictionary:
Upset => means unhappy
Distressed => means very unhappy so it means very upset
Annoyed => means slightly unhappy
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    I would say you can use either upset or distressed here. It depends on how unhappy he was. If he was no only angry but also fearful about what his future would be with no job and how he would feed his family, he might be distressed. If he was too angry to think he was probably upset.
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