Upside down twisting beside myself

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  1. youpalinda Member

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    hi! is there anybody who can help me to translate this sentence, this is actually the first sentence of the lyrics of a song, I've tried to find the meaning with WR dictionary but I didn't manage to understand the meaning. please help me
  2. Kat LaQ Senior Member

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    Well, it's a tough one because I believe it is using some double meanings, as well as pushing all the words together, both things you often find in song lyrics (or poetry).

    I would break the phrase into 3 separate pieces:
    upside down - look at this thread for some ideas
    twisting - means turning around sharply- like those little ties that you use to close a plastic storage or garbage bag - they are called twist ties because you twist them to close the bag securely
    beside myself - this has two meanings: 1) literally, to stand next to (beside) yourself. Of course, it's physically impossible but it goes nicely with the twist image. 2) figuratively, to be beside yourself means to be overwhelmed, to be feeling extremely or too much - whether it's too much joy or too much sorrow - well, I guess it depends on the rest of your song, but it could be used in either situation: I was beside myself with joy/grief.

    I know you are looking for the French translation but perhaps that helps you understand the meaning a little.
  3. youpalinda Member

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    thank you, I really appreciate your help even though I haven't got the french translation I start having a little idea about the meaning.
  4. Kat LaQ Senior Member

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    OK, just a guess from an Anglophone, but too much fun not to try:
    à l'envers, en tordant, écrasé
  5. youpalinda Member

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    this is the point at issue, when you translate literaly each word in french and then you put them together, it doesn't make any sense in french, that's why I didn't manage to find a correct french translation.
    nice try anyway

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