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Persian - Iran
As a neighbour to Armanians, Western Iranians and Eastern Semitic people, Urartians lived in the southwest of Caspian sea untill 6th century BC.

I couldn't find a cognate to Urartian burgana in the Hurrian language, so it could be itself a loanword, the Middle Persian burg, Armenian burgn and Aramean burgin (Arabic burj) seem to be loanwords too and all of them mean "tower", but just Old Armenian burgn also means "pyramid": https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/բուրգն#Old_Armenian and Aramean burgin means fortress too.

It can be interesting to compare this word to Proto-Germanic *burgan (hill fort), cognate to Modern Persian burz (compare to the name of Alburz mountains, from Avestan Harā Bərəzaitī), Sanskrit barhaya and Hittite parku.

Which one do you think is the original one?
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