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    Hi! How are you? I would like to know how to say in Polish ''urban crown''. It's used describing the pattern that appears on a bracelet together with fleur de lis... I have no idea what that means... Please help me :)
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    It seems that it is called in Polish: korona miejska (lat. corona muralis). See the link to check if it is what you are looking for.

    It may be just a design of a crown in urban style. (pl. wzór korony w stylu miejskim)
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    polski / Polish
    strange: english counterpart to corona muralis in polish wikipedia is mural crown… could you describe this pattern a little bit more?
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    Thanks a lot! I just thought it was something else... It was used to describe a detail in a bracelet... that's why I thought it might be a lot more difficult to explain ahahah. I always look far away and don't see what's right above my nose :)! thanks a lot!

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